The Kink Crew


Micheal Skiff - Director/Producer

Micheal Skiff was cursed since birth with a camera at the end of his right arm.  He’s learned to embrace this little complication and turned it to his advantage.  For the past decade, he’s been a photojournalist in the streets of Los Angeles.  Holding an LAPD press badge, Skiff has covered presidential debates, sports superstars and the A-list actors of Hollywood.  Most of this work has been for the shows “Reel Gay” and “Reel Hollywood”.  He was also the Director of Photography on a music video directed by Clive Barker, as well as several indie film projects over the past few years.

Bil Yoelin - Camera/Production Supervisor

With the strong belief that real people in unscripted situations yield the greatest insights into the human condition, Bil Yoelin has focused most of his filmmaking career on creative storytelling through the medium of documentary film and television.  As editor, his credits include the award winning independent documentary The Target Shoots First, which won him Best Editor at the 2000 Slamdance Film Festival.  

He has edited other films and docu-reality programs for television, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo), Shirts and Skins (Logo), Wanda Does It for Comedy Central. 

Bil recently directed and shared camera duties on Voices of Uganda, a film that follows 14 Ugandan youth as they write, produce and act in plays based on their experiences as former child soldiers, victims of abduction and rape, and life in the internally displaced-persons camps of Kitgum, Uganda.

He lives in Los Angeles and fills his spare time with playing rugby and drums.

Dorjan Williams - Producer/Editor

Having cut his teeth in different areas of the industry including production, editing,  design illustration and acting while living in Florida, Dorjan Williams decided to relocate to Los Angeles in order to grow his craft.  With “Kink Crusaders”, he finds himself editing his first full-length documentary – as well as handling the branding by creating the KC logo and the promotional materials.

Dorjan seemed destined to join the “Kink Crusaders” production - for he happened to be at the very International Mr. Leather contest being filmed, working a vendor booth.  Though he never directly crossed paths with the documentary crew, he did turn up in their footage.

Dorjan also does reporting and camera for the shows “Reel Gay” and “Reel Hollywood.”

Skiff owns Third Rail Media, which produced “Kink Crusaders”.  He’s been proud of his work covering the gay civil rights struggle, especially the passionate activism of Californians around the issue of Prop 8 and marriage equality.  His camera work can be seen in the documentary, “Annul Victory”, which chronicled the weeks of demonstrations and the gay community’s mobilization in the aftermath of Prop 8’s passage.

Never one to rest, Skiff is already hard at work on his next documentary examining the tension between “Reality” entertainment and the civil rights of the public.  Skiff is also a published fiction writer and is currently at work on a book of essays.

Skiff’s frequent mantra to himself  “Step away from the camera.  You can’t shoot everything.”

Ian Harrower - Music Composer

Ian Harrower has been playing music for the better part of 24 years, including being in live bands for 21 years straight and recording several albums. He started playing guitar at 7, learning bass the next year, then drums the following year after that. As time went on, Ian just kept picking up different instruments and learning them. His famous quote about playing so many instruments is: "Jack of all trades, master of none” - even though drums are his foremost professional instrument, followed by bass. Now he fronts a band called "Red Roses" as the singer, guitar player, songwriter.

Recently, Ian decided to try his hand at film and television scoring.  It seemed a natural next step, considering he had a small home studio, a gaggle of instruments, and plenty of knowledge of numerous styles of music. He has now completed several film and television projects including "Suicide Girls" for Showtime, "Superbikes!", and "Dead Tonight".

Ian really enjoys composing music and looks forward to many more projects!

Ian's quote:

"Kink Crusaders really spans a lot of moods and feelings, which in turn calls for many different styles of music to be used. As a composer I couldn't have asked for a more interesting project on all levels. This is a very "specific" film that follows a very "traditional" beginning, middle, and end. You follow several characters on their journey and a complete story is told fantastically....great film making! This is exactly the kind of film that challenges and satisfies a music composer."